make your web site move
Flash is most strong and powerful tool to add moving life to your web site.

The things can be moved, floated, flying over the web page to make your web site full of life.

@ INURE MEDIA we will add life to your web site by enriching your web site through smooth animations, dynamically changing the contents.

Let your text, drawing, stills, pictures to move around the web site so your customer run behind them to catch them.
Web browsers and devices that access the Web have evolved greatly over the years. Items for document inclusion have reached far beyond text and images to a variety of objects, including rich media file types such as sound, videos and animation. Often, developers and designers pose questions about the correct way to include a variety of such items in their standards-conformant documents. At the same time, many may wonder how well these formats are supported across browsers and their versions.

@ INURE MEDIA we are fully capable to transform your web site into full working multimedia website.

We are specialized in innovation, media production, motion graphic, website design, mobile application, and interactive project management

You have your company get together, you have a business exhibition, you have factory tour, you have your honorable customers meeting with you, you have annual and occasaniol ceremonies, you have employess ceremoney, We @ INURE MEDIA will transform your events in production format so that you can have the opportunity to introduce yourself and your business over the interactive web, tv, cable and theather. .